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Biography Of Jeta Amata, The Career of A Prolific Filmmaker

Biography Of Jeta Amata

Biography Of Jeta Amata: Jeta Amata is a Nigerian filmmaker, producer, and director who has won numerous awards for her work. He is the son of Zack Amata, a veteran filmmaker and actor who has worked on a number of films. Known for her work in Nollywood, Jeta Amata has been dubbed “Nollywood’s Gift to Hollywood” by a prestigious UK publication, The Guardian.

Jeta Amata’s Biographical Information

Biography Of Jeta Amata: He was born on August 21, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, to veteran filmmaker and actor Zack Amata and his wife, Enejeta. His uncle Fred Amata, as well as his late grandfather, John Ifoghale Amata, were both game-changers in the Nollywood industry. He studied Theatre Arts at the Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria.

Jeta Amata was previously married to Nollywood actress Mbong Odungide, who died in a car accident. Their marriage ended in divorce in 2014, but they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Edherezeno Amata.

The prolific filmmaker is currently working with Vanessa Teemsma, who has co-produced a number of his films, including Black November, which was released in 2012. In 2019, the couple welcomed a son, Kessiena Donald Amata.

Jeta Amata’s Professional Life

Biography Of Jeta Amata: He began his television career with a show called Teenyboppers on Clapperboard TV, which he continued after graduating from high school. Teenyboppers was a fifteen-minute drama segment of what he referred to as the Teeny Theatre, which aired on Saturday nights.


As a result, he already had hands-on experience in both producing and directing, and it wasn’t difficult for him to have his first script ready by the time he graduated from university.

After graduating, he went to Lagos and persuaded his father’s friends and family members, who were all performers, to appear in his film, promising to compensate them later in exchange for their participation.

They complied, and the picture, dubbed Glamour Boys, was released to critical and commercial acclaim. Jeta was barely 21 years old when he made his debut in the film industry with the release of his first film in 1995.

As a result of his work throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States, Jeta Amata has had 62 nominations and 18 award victories to his credit thus far. Recently, he was named by CNN as one of the most known personalities in Nigerian film and television history.


The premiere of his film, Black Gold (which was later renamed Black November) took place during the United Nations General Assembly in New York in 2012. Also in Washington, he showed the film at the Kennedy Center and the Library of Congress, among other venues.

The acclaimed filmmaker released his first book, St. Lincoln: What 400 Years of Slavery Has Taught Us, to coincide with the celebration of the 400th anniversary of transatlantic slavery, which took place in 2019.

Furthermore, he was the event supervisor for the Unity March, which took place in Washington, DC in August of this year. Jeta Amata has been designated as a Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti by Michel Joseph Martelly, the country’s president.


Him Being A Director, Writer, Actor, And Producer

  • Mutanda – 2001
  • Black Mamba (Video) – 2002
  • Tears of a Woman – 2002
  • Unconditional Love – 2003
  • Love Entangle (Video) – 2003
  • Dangerous Desire (Video) – 2003
  • Queen (Video) – 2004
  • Queen 2 (Video) – 2004
  • The Alexa Affair – 2004
  • Wheel of Change – 2005
  • Ultimate Crisis – 2005
  • Last Game – 2005
  • Anini – 2005
  • The Amazing Grace – 2006
  • Game of Life – 2007
  • Mary Slessor (TV series) – 2008
  • Queen Amina – 2009
  • Inale – 2010
  • Black November – 2012
  • Shrink Rap (TV Movie) – 2012
  • Road to Redemption – 2013
  • The American King – 2013
  • Dawn in the Creeks (TV Series) – 2014
  • Hollywood Weekly 6th Annual Film Festival (Video short) – 2019
  • The American King-As told by an African Priestess – 2019

Accolades and commendations

  • Nominated at the African Academy Movie Awards (AAMA), as the Best Director – 2006
  • Best Cinematography at the African Academy Movie Awards (AAMA) – 2006
  • Nominated at the African Academy Movie Awards (AAMA), for the Best Picture – 2006
  • Nominee at the African Academy Movie Awards (AAMA) for the Best Screenplay – 2006
  • Screen Nations Awards for the Best West African Film – 2007
  • Nigeria Movie Awards (NMA) nominee for the Best Director – 2007
  • Nominated at the Nigeria Movie Awards (NMA) for the Best Picture – 2007
  • Best Cinematography at the Nigeria Movie Awards (NMA) – 2007
  • SIMA Awards for Best Director – 2008
  • Audience Awards at the Abuja International Film Festival – 2009
  • Best Short Film at the Abuja International Film Festival – 2009
  • NFVSB Awards Nigeria honoured Jeta Amata’s Inale as the Best Film – 2010
  • Best Film at the Verona International African Film Festival – 2011
  • Audience Award at the Verona International African Film Festival – 2011
  • Monaco International Film Festival Award for the Most Entertaining Film – 2011
  • Best Film at the Copenhagen Nollywood Festival – 2011
  • American Black Film Festival (ABFF) nominee for Best Director – 2011
  • Nominated Black November for the Best Picture at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) – 2011
  • Best Screenplay at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) – 2011
  • Nigerian Entertainment Awards named Inale as the Best Film – 2011
  • Nominee at the African Academy Movie Awards (AAMA) for Best Nigerian Film – 2011




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