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Biography Of Jannie Mouton, Founder Of PSG Group

Biography Of Jannie Mouton

Biography Of Jannie Mouton: “Success is not final, and failure is not deadly,” according to a famous Winston Churchill quotation. “It is the determination to keep going that matters.” When you take a glance at the life of Jannie Mouton, you will see that this is accurate. A self-motivated individual who went from getting fired to establishing one of Africa’s most successful business empires.

In this article, I’ll be diving into the life of Jannie Mouton, a self-made South African millionaire who has built a successful business empire. Johannes Mouton, often known as “Buddha Buffet,” is the creator of the world-renowned PSG Group and a co-founder of Capitec Bank, which was established in 1994.

Jannie Mouton’s Early Life and Education

Biography Of Jannie Mouton: Jannie was born in 1946 in the South African town of Carnarvon. He graduated with honors from Stellenbosch University with a bachelor’s degree. He received his Chartered Accountant designation in 1973.

Dana Mouton, with whom he shared a life until her death in 2004, was his wife. Jannie is now married to Deidre Mouton, with whom she has three children: two boys and a daughter.

Jannie now resides in the South African town of Stellenbosch. Piet, one of his sons, serves as the CEO of the PSG Group of companies. Jan, the oldest son, is in charge of the PSG Flexible Fund and also serves as a non-executive director of the company.


PSG has business holdings in a variety of industries, including financial services, banking, private equity, agricultural, and education.

Jannie Mouton’s Professional Business Career

Biography Of Jannie Mouton: Jannie started his professional career when he was just 22 years old. Previously, he worked as an articled clerk at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) before launching his own company. Following that, he joined forces with his pals Senekal and Kitshoff to form a stockbroking business. On the third of August in 1995, Jannie went into the firm as a managing partner, but she walked out of the company without a position. This was unfortunate. He was fired as a result of his actions.

PSG Group is a multinational corporation.

Biography Of Jannie Mouton: Mouton acquired a 51 percent stake in PAG (a publicly traded recruiting agency) for R3.5 million in November 1995. When PAG Ltd changed its name to PSG Group in 1997, it decided to concentrate on financial services and sold the PAG placement for R107 million to accomplish this. PSG Noble Capital Ltd was founded in 1998, and the company went public on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1998, raising R1.2 billion (JSE).


Following that, PSG Noble and PSG Investment Bank amalgamated in 1999 to become PSG Investment Bank. Meanwhile, PSG Investment Bank is the sixth largest bank in South Africa, according to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Capital Savings Group (PSG) was a shareholder of reference when Capitec (a low-cost bank) went public on the JSE in 2001. Following that, in 2003, PSG became the biggest stakeholder in Capitec, owning a 30.7 percent interest in the company.

In addition, PSG owns a 20 percent stake in Arch Equity, which was originally established as a BEE Investment Company. The following year, PSG acquired a 15 percent stake in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE Ltd), making it the company’s biggest stakeholder.

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PSG is increasing its investment.

Biography Of Jannie Mouton: In 2007, PSG joins together with Sanlam and Santam to launch a new direct insurance product called MiWay Insurance. Then, in 2011, PSG put Curro Holdings, a private education firm, on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the name PSG Investments.

The following are some of PSG’s investments: Strategy and Philosophy, Capitec, PSG Konsult, Curro, Dipeo, Zeder Investments, PSG Capital, PSG Corporate, and PSG Alpha (in alphabetical order).

Jannie Mouton is in good health.

When Jannie Mouton released a public statement in 2018, he said that he had been diagnosed with an early form of dementia. He went on to say that if his doctor suggests that he retire, he will do so immediately. Following that, he continued to serve as Chairman of the PSG Group. He did, however, resign from the R54billion corporation he founded six months after the information was made publicly available.

And Then They Fired Me

Jannie Mouton has written a book on his life. This book tells the story of Jannie’s decision to launch PSG Group after being dismissed at the age of 48.

Awards And Recognitions

  • Jannie is one of Forbes Africa’s 50 Richest, 2015
  • Named among Forbes List of Billionaires, 2017




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