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King Sunny Ade Biography, Age, Life Achievement, Net Worth

Who is King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade Biography: King Sunny Ade otherwise known as (KSA), is an honor winning, multi-gifted Nigerian artist and lyricist. He is among the trailblazers and legends of African music all over the planet.

King Sunny Ade Biography: Background

His complete name is; Dr. Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye, he was brought into the world on the 22nd of September 1946. He was from the imperial group of Adegeye, He was reproduced in Osogbo, where he had his rudimentary instruction, Which was at African School, Methodist School, and Saint Charles syntax school.

In 1962, He Moved to Abeokuta, and Lagos separately.

Ruler Sunny Ade Dad was likewise a Multi-instrumentalist; as he played gospel in the congregation, at whatever point the organist isn’t accessible.

Sadly for him, He lost his father at the extremely youthful age of 8. Later the destruction of his dad; he was solitary; raised by his mom.


Right from King Sunny Ade’s initial days, he has an undying affection and energy for music, He had for a long time needed to perform, however his notoriety as a sovereign won’t let him. Because of this; he would consistently find his direction covertly; to play with different groups.

In those days, I.k Dairo was an Inspiration to him, The renowned artist then, at that point, was a good example and resembled a dad to him, He secure the majority of his music abilities from him.

It is accepted, King Sunny Ade, at this point, is a grandpa, he is hitched and joyfully honored; with kids and fabulous ones.

King Sunny Ade Biography: Career

Toward the start of his profession; he joined; a melodic band called; Idou Woye. This was the band that raised; him to noticeable quality, He had followed; the band from Ondo to Abeokuta, Where to perform for the delegated of another lord; Shortly After the show, he told his bandleader, he needs to go to Lagos to see his sibling, On this, his chief gave him some cash, He However went to Lagos; and joined the Olaiye’s band – Federal Rhythm Dandies.


In 1966, later quite a while with the Olaiye’s band; he left and started to fire up his own band “Green Spot”. His first single on his band was “Challenge Cup” this single was sold for north of 500,000 duplicates, between the years 1973 – 1974.

Later a few years, he changed; the band name from Green spot to African Beats, This was on the grounds that an organization creating; cigarettes had; this as their image name and needed to utilize his band impact to advance their items.

in 1985, He again transformed; it to King Sunny Ade and His New African Beats since his previous band “African Beats” wasn’t fruitful.

Back in 2009, He was designated; as a meeting educator of music, at Nigeria most renowned foundation; Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife.

King Sunny Ade Biography: Stage Performances

King Sunny Ade music isn’t was just known in his country, but on the other hand was extremely famous abroad, Back in 1892 his band went on an America and Europe visit.

This visit made him; famously known for his dance steps and his guitar playing abilities, with was demonstrating later Tunde Nightingale’s style.

The motivation behind why King Sunny Ade added; guitar to his music was on the grounds that he was to appear as something else and tremendous from other Juju Musicians.

The Prestigious, New york times, depict him as one of the globe’s extraordinary bandleaders, Also records portrays him as a

a much needed refresher, a good vibration that will be felt for quite a while to come, while Trouser Press portrayed him as perhaps the most enrapturing and significant melodic artist anyplace on the planet.

In the wake of King Sunny Ade, set out on this visit, he delivered an extra collection, called; Synchro System in 1983. This Album was truly outstanding of all his past collections, it had procured him various and gigantic victories, The Album made him experience his first Grammy designation.

King Sunny Ade was the principal Nigerian to be assigned; for a Grammy grant. Back in 2017, he act in London for a melodic rebound named as; A Night 2 Remember with the Legends close by; Ebenezer Obey.

King Sunny Ade Biography: Songs

1982 – 1987

  • Ja Funmi – 1982
  • Ma Jaiye Oni – 1982
  • Sunny ti de Ariya – 1982
  • Mo Beru Agba – 1982
  • Eje Nlo Gba Ara Mi – 1982
  • 365 is my number/ the message – 1982
  • Mo Ti Mo – 1983
  • Maajo – 1983
  • Penkele – 1983
  • E Saiye Re – 1983
  • Synchro Feelings/Ilako – 1983
  • Tolongo – 1983
  • Ase – 1983
  • Sweet Banana – 1987

1995 – 2000

  • Orisun Iye – 1995
  • E Dide E Mujo – 1995
  • Omode O’Mela – 1995
  • Eri Okan – 1998
  • Aiye Nreti Eleya Mi – 1998
  • Kiti Kiti – 1998
  • Natuba – 1998
  • Easy Motion Tourist – 1998
  • Merciful God – 2000
  • Ariya – 2000
  • Sijuade – 2000
  • Appreciation – 2000
  • Suku Suku Bam Bam – 2000
  • Ko Salapata – 2003
  • Afai Bawon – 2003
  • Sunny Ti De – 2003
  • Adena Ike – 2013
  • John Ali – 2013

King Sunny Ade and Island Records

Back in 1982, After the demise of Bob Marley, Bob’s record organization is anticipating one more third word multi-instrumentalist to supplant him. During this time Arista Records had; quite recently marked Fela Kuti, A maker, known; to be Martin Meissonnier presented; King Sunny Adé to Head of Island Records; Chris Blackwell, Due to their effective arrangement he delivered his first collection with them (Juju Music)1982.

Later a fruitful time, with island records; his notoriety expanded he was named the African Bob Marley.

King Sunny Ade Biography: Hollywood Career

They were an interesting piece of his life, Did you realize that ruler radiant Ade had; when considered changing from music to acting? This strange and profession darkening choice he took didn’t work for him in those days. This caused him to keep up with his cool and remain with his music profession.

During these acting days, he showed up; in a couple of Hollywood and Nollywood films. Lord Sunny Ade melodies were likewise utilized as soundtracks for two Hollywood films specifically;

Breathless (1983)

One More Saturday Night (1986)

Hollywood he appeared; in Robert Altman’s comedy movie – O.C. and Stiggs (1987).

King Sunny Ade Biography: Endorsements

Back in 2017, Minister of Information Lai Mohammed designated the Multi-instrumentalist as the envoy for the Change Begins With Me crusade.

King Sunny Ade Biography: Net Worth

King Sunny Ade total assets is assessed; to be at $55million.


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