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Biography Of Izu Ojukwu, The Career Of An Award Winning Film Director

Biography Of Izu Ojukwu


Biography Of Izu Ojukwu: He is an Nigerian film director, cinematographer, playwright, and editor who has worked in a variety of genres. He is the director of the 2016 Nigerian historical fiction drama film ’76,’ which was released on the big screen.

The short version of this bio is that Izu is an internationally recognized filmmaker whose films have received critical acclaim both locally and internationally. His ability to achieve success is a result of his perseverance and self-development.

Background Information about Izu Ojukwu

Biography Of Izu Ojukwu: A polygamous family of twenty children, Izuchukwu Ojukwu was born as the fourth child in a large polygamous family. Jos is where he grew up and went to school. He went to St. John’s College in Jos, where he began learning about filmmaking while still in school. Prior to that, he was earning a living through drawing and painting. As a result, he learned to be self-sufficient at a young age.

Later on, he became obsessed with photography and film, and he began to see a future for himself in these fields. He began visiting national and state libraries in Jos to obtain books on film production, particularly from the National Film Institute of Nigeria (NFI), which he later founded.


For years, Izu sat in his room reading books he had borrowed from friends, until people began to approach him about serving as a resource person for their film production classes. In 2002, he was invited to teach guerrilla filmmaking at Vassar College in New York, where he received his first invitation as a resource person. At some point, he decided to go to film school in the United States.

Izu Ojukwu’s Early Professional Life

Biography Of Izu Ojukwu: Because he grew up in a large polygamous family, Ojukwu had the idea to entertain his family at dinner time, when all of the children would gather to eat together. Consequently, he began creating puppets and animal masks inspired by the folktale tales his mother had told him as a young child. Then, wearing the mask, he would instruct his siblings to behave and move in the manner of various animals according to his perspective. While doing this for a number of years in the 1980s, Izu was unwittingly setting the tone for the rest of his professional life.

He also went to the movies to view Indian and Chinese films from the projection room, which he did after becoming acquainted with the projector operator. After that, he built a projector from a sample he had seen in the cinema and used it to project films from his father’s garage, which he had discovered. He would gather youngsters in the garage and force them to watch his video in exchange for a gesture of his appreciation.

Following that, he continued to grow and take advantage of any chance to learn more. Later on, he built a camera and a tripod, and he made his children stand in front of the camera to read the news headlines. All of this was pointing him in the direction of filmmaking.


Eventually, in 1996, he produced his first feature film, an Igbo film titled Moment of Bitterness, which was released worldwide. Then there’s A Home Too Far (1997), Eva, the River of Mystery (1998), and a whole host of others. After that, he started producing award-winning films such as Sitanda (2006), Across the Niger (2007), The kid (2009), and ’76, which was released in 2016.

Izu has collaborated with a variety of actors and actresses, including Ramsey Nouah, Omotola Jalade, Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Rita Dominic, Ireti Doyle, Stephanie Okereke, Chidi Mokeme, and others.

List Of Some Of His Movies

  • Moment of Bitterness, 1996
  • A Home too Far, 1997
  • Eva The River of Mystery, 1998
  • Line of Duty, 2003
  • Showdown, 2000
  • The World is Mine, 2001
  • Love Boat, 2001
  • Eleventh Hour, 2001
  • Desperadoes 1 & 2, 2001
  • Battle of Love, 2003
  • Moving Train, 2003
  • Across the Niger, 2007
  • No One But You, 2004
  • Otondo, 2004
  • Iva, 2004
  • GL 1 & 2, 2005
  • Sitanda, 2006
  • Shut In, 2006
  • Laviva, 2007
  • Minority Tension, 2007
  • White Waters, 2007
  • Who Will Tell The President, 2007
  • Cindy’s Note, 2008
  • Distance Between, 2008
  • Nnenda, 2009
  • The Child, 2009
  • Alero’s Symphony, 2010
  • ’76, 2016
  • Power of 1, 2018

Accolades and commendations

  • Best Director ‘Sitanda’ Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), 2007
  • Best Director ‘White Waters’ Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), 2007
  • The Best Nigerian Film, ‘Across The Niger’ Africa Movie Academy Award, 2008
  • Best Director, Best of Nollywood, 2009
  • The Best Director ‘76’ Africa Movie Academy Award, 2017
  • Best Director ’’76‘ Africa International Film Festivals, 2017
  • Overall Best Film ‘’76’ Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award, 2017
  • Best Picture Director, ’’76’ Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award, 2017
  • The Prix du Public (Audience Choice) awards, Nollywood Week Paris, 2017.

Few Of His Nominations

  • Best Nigerian Film ‘White Waters’ Africa Movie Academy Award, 2008 Nomination
  • Best Nigerian Film ‘Nnenda’ Africa Movie Academy Award, 2010 Nomination
  • The Best Nigerian Film ‘The Child’ Africa Movie Academy Award, 2010 Nomination
  • Best Nigerian Film ‘Alero’s Symphony’ Africa Movie Academy Award, 2012 Nomination




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