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Biography Of Charles Novia, The Career Of A Multi-Talented Filmmaker

Biography Of Charles Novia


Biography Of Charles Novia: He is a Nigerian film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, social commentator, essayist, and author who possesses a wide range of skills. November Productions Limited, of which he is the CEO and founder, is his company.

Teen Africa TV (TATV), the first teen-centric television station, has just launched on DSTv and Gotv, thanks to the efforts of the talented filmmaker. Aside from that, he is a member of the Academy Awards Selection Committee (NOSC).

Background Information on Charles Novia

Biography Of Charles Novia: He was born on the 20th of November 1971 in Benin City, Edo State, to a polygamous family. He was raised in a polygamous environment. His late father, Mr Igbinovia, used to be a talented writer, though none of his writings were ever published, and his late mother, nee Uwaifor, was a singer and the elder sister of the popular singer, Sir Victor Uwaifor, both of whom died when he was a child.

Charles Novia was born and raised in Benin City. Nsukka’s University of Nigeria, Nsukka awarded him a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Dramatic Arts in 1993. He has a wife and two children, which is a blessing.


Charles Novia’s Professional Life

Biography Of Charles Novia: At the age of six, the multi-talented filmmaker began writing short stories. He is referred to be a multi-talented individual since he has a variety of abilities and understands how to make effective use of each of them.

In 1998, Charles was hired as the resident Master of Ceremonies (MC) and stand-up comedian for Jazzville’s annual music festival. After a while, the singer at Jazzville decided to leave, and Novia was promoted to the position of professional singer at Jazzville.

Before he became a movie director and filmmaker, Charles Novia worked as an actor and a television presenter on major television networks. One Big Family, a comedy he wrote and starred in, was based on his life.

Charles Novia finally became weary of singing, acting, comedy, and other forms of entertainment and wanted to be the guy behind the scenes who made things happen. So far, Charles Novia has been involved in the production and direction of numerous critically praised films.


A number of film festivals have welcomed him, including the Nigerian Film Festival in Amsterdam, where his film, For Your Love, was shown for the first time.

The Rotterdam International Film Festival (RIFF), the Berlin International Film Festival (BIFF), the Manchester Commonwealth Film Festival (MCFF), and other film festivals were also on his itinerary. In addition, one of his films, Battle of Love, was nominated for five honors at THEMA 2000.

As a member of the 12-member Selection Committee for the Nigerian entries in the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ category, which is now referred to as the ‘Best International Feature Film’ category, he was appointed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the organization behind the Academy Awards) in 2014.

Him Being An Actor, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter

  • Deep Secrets
  • Love of My Life ((Video) – 2002
  • The Pastor and The Harlot (Video) – 2002
  • Real Love (Video) – 2003
  • You Broke My Heart 1 and 2 (Video) – 2003
  • Husband and Wife (Video) – 2003
  • Adam and Eve (Video) – 2003
  • I Will Die for You (Video) – 2003
  • Real Love (Video) – 2003
  • When Love Dies (Video) – 2003
  • You Broke My Heart 1 and 2 (Video) – 2003
  • Atlanta 1 and 2 (Video) – 2004
  • Missing Angel 1 and 2 (Video) – 2004
  • Cinderella (Video) – 2004
  • The Bridesmaid (Video) – 2005
  • The AIDS Patient (Video) – 2005
  • The Covenant Church (Video) – 2006
  • Welcome to Nollywood (Documentary) – 2007
  • Caught in the Middle (Video) – 2007
  • Atlanta Series (TV Series) – 2011
  • Alan Poza – 2013
  • Put a Ring on It – 2016

Accolades and commendations

  • Nominee at the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Screenplay – 2013
  • Best Indigenous Language Movie/TV Series (Igbo) at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards – 2016





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