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Biography Of Paul Harris, A Once CEO Of FirstRand Bank

Biography Of Paul Harris


Biography Of Paul Harris: He is a successful businessman from South Africa. He was the former Chief Executive Officer of FirstRand Limited. Paul also serves on the boards of directors for a number of well-known corporations. Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Ltd., Remgro Ltd., and FirstRand Bank Limited are just a few of the companies in this group. As a result of his friendship with GT Ferreira and Laurie Dippanaar, he joined Rand Consolidated Investment shortly after it was established in 1977.

Paul Harris’s Professional Background

Biography Of Paul Harris: Paul grew up on his family’s farm in Greytown, North West Province. He left home when he was eight years old to attend Maritzburg College, which is located 77 kilometers away in Pietermaritzburg and only returned home on weekends. Upon graduating from high school, he went on to study Economics and Finance at Stellenbosch University. Harris arrived to Stellenbosch with just a working knowledge of English and left with a complete command of Afrikaans.

He is married to Jeanne, and they have two children, Kevin and Nicola, who are the joy of his life. Sport, art, nature, and golf are some of his favorite pastimes. He also enjoys reading.

Paul Harris’s Professional Life

Biography Of Paul Harris: While working at the Industrial Development Corporation from 1974 to 1978, Paul was the Investigating Officer (IDC). Following that, in 1978, he joined Rand Consolidated Investments (RCI), which had been co-founded by GT Ferreira and Laurie Dippenaar in 1977 and was still in its early stages.


In 1985, RCI combined with Rand Merchant Bank to become RCI Rand Merchant Bank (under the leadership of Johann Rupert). Sydney-based Australian Gilt Securities was founded by him in 1987. Later, he changed the name of the firm to RMB Australia. Their areas of expertise included private equity, natural resources, and the energy markets in both New Zealand and Australia. In 1991, he returned to his home country of South Africa. In 1992, Paul Harris was appointed as the president and chief executive officer of Rand Merchant Bank.

Momentum Life was acquired by RMB Holdings in the same year, and the company went on to develop a number of additional businesses including Discovery Health, Origin, and OUTsurance.

FirstRand was formed in 1998 when RMB and First National Bank amalgamated to establish FirstRand. Later, in June 1999, Harris was promoted to the position of CEO of FirstRand Bank.

Paul Harris’s net worth

The Forbes website estimates that Paul Harris is worth $250 million.

Paul Harris served on the following boards:

  • RMB Holdings Limited, Non Executive Director
  • Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Limited, Non Executive Director
  • Shalamuka Foundation Trust, Chairman
  • Shalamuka Capital (Pty) Ltd, Chairman
  • Quarme Investments (Pty) Ltd., Director
  • Rand Consolidated Investments (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Multisource Telecoms (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • 180 Kloof Road (Pty)
  • Business Venture Investments No. 51 Pty Ltd, Director
  • Cedar Falls Properties 142 (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Cedar Investments (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Ernie Els Wines (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Ernie Els Vineyards (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Everard Read Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Kevnic (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Rand Consolidated Investments Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd, Director
  • Newshelf 656 (Pty) Ltd., Director
  • Kaalhock Farm Holding CC, Director
  • PK Harris Property Investments CC, Director
  • Soliprops 1106 CC, Director
  • Rand Merchant Holdings Ltd., Director
  • First National Bank Ltd, Director
  • Advent Sport Entertainment & Media Pty Ltd, Director
  • Quarme Conservation Pty Ltd., Director



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