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Biography Of Issad Rebrab, Algeria’s First Billionaire

Biography Of Issad Rebrab

Biography Of Issad Rebrab: In recent years, it has been common knowledge that Africans are starting to achieve remarkable success in the corporate world. Until recently, Africa was seen as a desolate continent where nothing good could be found. Today, we have people like Issad Rebrab who are rewriting the history books.

Issad Rebrab is an Algerian businessman who is considered to be one of the wealthiest people in Africa. He is the CEO of the Cevital Industrial Group, which is the biggest private enterprise in Algeria and the country’s largest employer. According to Forbes, he is one of Africa’s wealthiest people, with a net worth of $3.7 billion as of January 2019. Issad has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cevital Group since its inception in 2008.

Issad Rebrab’s early life and education

Biography Of Issad Rebrab: Issad was born on May 27th, 1994, in the town of Tagumount-Azzouz, in the Tizi Ouzou region. Rebrab’s father was a militant who fought for Algeria’s independence from France, which is a fascinating coincidence. Issad has a bachelor’s degree from a professional institution.

His other qualifications include having graduated from the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University in California. The Group’s executive team includes his wife and five children, all of whom are active in the company’s operations.

Issad Rebrab’s Professional Business Career

Biography Of Issad Rebrab: When he graduated, he went into teaching, with a concentration in Accounting and Commercial Law. Following that, he decided to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. In 1968, he resigned from his teaching position to establish his own accounting practice.


In 1971, one of his customers persuaded him to invest in a metallurgical construction firm, which was the start of his industrial career. He then purchased a 20 percent stake in Sotecom Corporation. Following that, he went on to start many more steel-related businesses. In 1975, he established Profilor, and in 1988, he founded Metal Sider.

Rebrab’s primary facilities were destroyed in 1995 as a result of a terrorist assault on the facility. As a consequence, he decided to leave Algeria in order to avoid such dangers in the future. As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Issad was able to come back larger and better. In 1998, he founded Cevital, which grew to become the largest agricultural business group in the world as well as the largest privately held corporation in Algeria.

The company also owns one of the world’s biggest sugar refineries, with a capacity to produce 2 million tons of sugar per year, which is a source of pride for the company. In the following year, Issad purchased El Khabar Media Group for $45 million dollars. Prior to that, he ran a media firm that published the daily Liberte, which was published in both French and Arabic. Aside from these operations, Cevital also owns a number of European businesses, including the French home appliances manufacturer Groupe Brandt, an Italian steel mill, and a German water purifying firm.

More Information about the Cevital Group

Biography Of Issad Rebrab: The headquarters of the conglomerate are located in Bejaia Alegria. As of 2009, the corporation earned a total of US$3,589million in revenue. The corporation employs 18,000 workers throughout its several divisions. Rebrab discussed the possibility of constructing a rail project throughout Africa in an interview with the French media outlet BFM in 2017.


The goal of the project was to connect the railroads in North Africa with those in East and West Africa. When his firm was experiencing issues shipping items around middle Africa, he came up with the concept for the book. However, it was announced in 2018 that Cevital will be unable to complete its Pan-African rail freight project owing to the country’s inability to fund foreign initiatives at the time.

Following the establishment of Cevital twenty years ago, the conglomerate now comprises 26 companies operating in a diverse variety of industries including food processing, autos, agriculture, and services. Issad has been focusing on extending the group’s business in recent years, with plans to expand to Tunisia, Morocco, Brazil, and Europe.

Subsidiaries of Cevital Group

Below are some of the subsidiaries of Cevital Group

  • Cevital Food Processing
  • Ceviagro
  • Nolis
  • HMA (Hyundai Motor Algeria)
  • COGETP (Compagnie Generale des Equipements de Travaux Public)
  • ACTSpecialist (Associated Car & Truck Specialist)
  • Cevital MTP (public Works Equipment)
  • Cevicar – Car Renting
  • Fiat
  • Immobis
  • Future Media
  • Samha
  • MFG (Mediterranean Float Glass)
  • Cevital Minerals
  • Baticompos
  • Prainsa Cevico Algeria
  • Sierra Cevital
  • Numilog
  • Numidis

Isaad Rebrab Awards And Recognitions

  • Listed among top ten most influential Maghrebans in the world, Arabian Business Magazine, 2012
  • 215th among 500 most influential Arabs, Arabian Business Magazine, 2012
  • He was voted CEO of the year at the Africa CEO Forum, 2015
  • 9th Richest Arab, Forbes, 2016
  • Personality of the Year, Tuscany region in Italy, 2016

Issad Rebrab Net Worth

Biography Of Issad Rebrab: According to Forbes, Rebrab has a net worth of $3.2 billion as of March of this year. In 2020, he will be the sole Algerian to feature on Forbes Africa’s billionaire list, which will be published in May. He was the sixth person on the list. His estimated net worth is $4.3 billion at the time of writing.




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