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Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos, Richest African Woman In East Africa

Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos

Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos: she is an Angolan engineer, businesswoman, and investor who lives in the United States. As Africa’s first female US Dollar billionaire, she is also the continent’s wealthiest woman, owning assets and holding investments in various enterprises in Angola, Portugal, and Europe, among other places.

Isabel started her first company, Miami Beach, in Luanda, Angola, when she was 24 years old. She subsequently entered other industries, such as telecommunications (Unitel and Zap), as well as investing in enterprises based both in Angola and in Portugal. In 2013, she was declared the wealthiest woman in Africa by Forbes magazine.

Isabel dos Santos’s Personal History

Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos: She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic SSR, in April 1973, where she and her parents had met before their marriage. She is the oldest child of former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola and his first wife, Tatiana Kukanova, a chess champion who died in a car accident in 2007. Her father, who served as Angola’s president from 1979 to 2017, is the second-longest serving president in African history.

Following her parents’ divorce, she went to London with her mother, where she attended the Cobham Hall School before completing her A-levels at St Paul’s Girls’ School in the capital. Following that, she went on to study Electrical Engineering at King’s College in London, where she graduated with honors. Her first job after graduation was with an accounting company, Coopers & Lybrand, which is now known as PwC.

Observations On Her Personal Life

Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos: Isabel is married to Sindika Dokola, a businessman and art collector from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sindika, the son of a Kinshasa business mogul, is the owner of the world’s largest collection of African art and the owner of the world’s largest collection of African art. The two of them met while studying at the prestigious King’s College in London.


They were married in Luanda in 2002, and their partnership has been blessed with three children to date. She is also conversant in a number of other languages, including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Isabel dos Santos’s Early Professional Life

Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos: Dos Santos returned to Angola from London in the 1990s, at a time when the country was on the verge of ending its civil conflict. She moved to Luanda with her father and began working as a Project Manager Engineer in a joint venture between Jembas (Angola) and Rodiek (Germany), where she was in charge of a waste management and recycling plant. She has since retired from the company. Upon arriving in Angola in 1997, she opened her first company, Miami Beach, which is one of the clubs and beach restaurants on the island of Luanda.

Following that, she established a beverage logistics distribution firm, after which she established a walkie-talkie and tower relay network. Her investment in Unitel, the largest mobile phone operator in Angola, revolutionized the country’s telecommunications by providing international call services and 4G Internet access, among other things.

Additionally, in 2015, she established the Candando retail network, which includes hypermarkets and shopping centers across Angola. She also has businesses in the cement, diamond, oil, and telecommunications industries. She also has a grocery network and brewery in Angola, as well as assets in other parts of Africa and Europe.


Investments and shareholdings

Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos: She has financial interests in a number of businesses. For example, in addition to Unitel, she has stock in Bianco BIC, ZON Multimedia, Bianco BPI, Nova Cimangola 16, Santoro Finance, Trans Africa Investment Services, Esperaza, Condis, Eurobic, Efacec, Galp Energia, and a slew of other companies.

In Angola and Portugal, however, there have been complaints leveled against her. Among them include embezzlement and money laundering, both of which resulted in the freezing of her bank account by the two countries.

Isabel said that the claims are false and that they are misleading. ‘This is a very intense, meticulously managed, and meticulously coordinated political onslaught,’ she claims. “I have retained attorneys to defend myself against defamatory publications and charges that are based on false information.”

Positions in Other Fields

Isabel has worked in managerial roles in many firms that are publicly traded on European stock markets for more than two decades. Among other things, in 2016, her father elevated her to the position of chairperson of Sonangol, the state-owned oil firm in Angola. However, upon taking office in 2017, Joao Lourenço, the new President of Angola, ordered her removal from office. However, she continues to hold positions in the following organizations:

Nos SGPS (formerly Zon) was founded by Bianco BIC, who is also a shareholder. Bianco BIC is also a shareholder in Bank EuroBic and Efacec. Bianco BPI was founded by Bianco BPI, who is now the number one TV distribution company in Angola. Zap is now the country’s largest digital satellite television operator.
Chairperson of the Angolan Red Cross

Awards And Recognition

  • Africa First Female US Dollar Billionaire, Forbes, 2013
  • One of the 100 most influential women in the world, BBC 2015
  • 1513 Billionaire in the World, Forbes 2020
  • 13 Africa’s Billionaires, Forbes, 2020
  • 74 Power Women 2017, dropped off in 2018, Forbes.
  • Prestigious Global Financial Award, 2020



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