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Tunde Kelani biography, Movies, and Life achievements

Tunde Kelani Biography: He is a notable global producer, chief, film maker photographic artist, and cinematographer, He is likewise an; supporter of the Nigerian social legacy. Tunde’s motion pictures aren’t just for advancements, it likewise instructs watchers; in regards to the Nigerian culture. Tunde is equipped for changing; scholarly materials into films.

Tunde Kelani Biography: Background

He is otherwise called; T.K, he was brought into the world on the 26th of February 1948. in Lagos. He consumed his initial time on earth; in Abeokuta with his grandparents. His granddad was the then, at that point; ‘Balogun of Ijaiye Kukudi’, Due to this; Tunde had immediate and limitless admittance to the Yoruba culture, writing, reasoning, and world perspective on expressions. Tunde went to Oke-Ona Primary School, which was situated in Ikija, Abeokuta, prior to going to the Abeokuta Grammar school for his auxiliary instruction.

Tunde Kelani Biography: While he was in elementary school, he started to; foster a premium in Photography, all through this time, he would contribute and give his time and figuring out how to; photography. When; he was finished with his; schooling, he selected; as a disciple for a picture taker, This was for him; to gain more information and expert art and photography.

After this, Tunde went to prepare as a cameraman, at previous Western Nigeria Television (WNTV), where he spent a complete amount of 4years there. After he was finished with his preparation, he fly to London, where he went to a London film school on expressions and methods of film making for quite a long time. Tunde is cheerfully hitched and has three kids.

Tunde Kelani Biography: Early Career

On his visit in the London film school, Tunde worked with BBC TV and Reuters, as a reporter then, at that point. While at Reuters, Tunde covered the; delayed time of strangely low precipitation in Ethiopia, and furthermore the Independence of Zimbabwe. On settling his course; at the London Film School, Tunde fly back to Nigeria and co-delivered his first film named; The Dilemma of Reverend Father Micheal’ with Adebayo Faleti.


Tunde has additionally filled in as a; cinematographer, on a large portion of the element films that are delivered in; Nigeria. These motion pictures incorporate; Anikura, Ogun Ajaye, Iya Ni Wura, Taxi Driver, Iwa, and Fopomoyo. Back in 1990, Tunde was the associate chief and furthermore was included in the principal American film to be; recorded in Nigeria named; ‘Mr Johnson’.

Mainframe Film and Television Productions

In 1992, he created and set up Mainframe creations; to lift Nigerian culture and convictions, by means of the development of top notch films. Centralized computer Film and Television Productions is a film and TV creation association, where was situated in; Lagos. His organization was not set up to just offer specialized help to other creation organizations, But it was set up; to deliver and deliver quality movies that would fill in as a norm to other creation organizations. This is the primary explanation Tunde supported Mainframe Productions. Be that as it may, his organization needs to created Documentaries. movies, projects, and Tv ads.

Movies produced under Mainframe Film and Television Productions.

  • Arambada (TV Show)
  • Tunmigbe (TV Show) Feature
  • Ti Oluwa Ni Ile (Feature) – 1993
  • (Feature) Ti Oluwa Ni Ile 2 – 1993
  • Ti Oluwa Ni Ile 3 (Feature) – 1993
  • Ayo Ni Mo Fe (Feature) – 1994
  • Ayo Ni Mo Fe 2 (Feature) – 1994
  • Kòseégbé (Feature) – 1995
  • O Le Ku 1 (Feature) – 1997
  • O Le Ku 2 (Feature) – 1997
  • Saworoide (Feature) – 1999
  • White Handkerchief (Short Film) – 2000
  • Thunderbolt: Magun (Feature) – 2001
  • Agogo Eèwò (Feature) – 2002
  • Abeni (Feature) – 2006
  • Abeni 2 (Feature) – 2006
  • The Narrow Path (Feature) – 2006
  • Life in Slow Motion (Short Film) – 2008
  • Arugba (Feature) – 2009
  • Maami (Feature) – 2010
  • Yeepa (Filmed Play) – 2014
  • Dazzling Mirage (Feature) – 2014

Mainframe Film and Media Institute.

This specific part of his organization; basically trains and jests experts; and fledglings in the entertainment world, having the appropriate and reasonable information they required; to be on screen. The point of this body; is to guarantee there is progress in Nigeria’s financial and social turn of events.

Tunde Kelani Awards and Recognitions.

  • Recipient of the prestigious ‘Africa Reel Award’ at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF), California, USA in 2012.
  • NMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.
  • Member of Emmy Awards International Jury in 2015.
  • Angenieux Award (Prix du Public) at Nollywood week 2015.
  • African Magic Viewer’s Choice (AMVCA) Industry Merit Award in 2018.
  • Ecran d’Honneur award at the 22nd edition of the Ecrans Noirs Film Festival in July 2018.
  • Elected to vote in the Directors Category of the Board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also known as ‘The Oscars’ in 2019.
  • Leopold Sedar Senghor Prize for African Cultural Creativity and Impact in 2019.



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