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Biography Of Destiny Etiko; Profile

  biography of destiny etiko  

FULL NAME Destiny Etiko
AGE 32 years old (2021)
D.O.B 12 August 1989
STATE OF ORIGIN Enugu State, Nigeria
RELIGION Christianity
CAREER Nollywood Actress

Destiny Etiko; is one of the well-known faces in the Nollywood film business.

Destiny Etiko, who is classy, bold, and attractive, who has carved out a position for herself in the industry, constantly growing in popularity with over 570k Facebook likes and 2.2 million Instagram followers.

Biography Of Destiny Etiko; Family


Destiny Etiko; was born in Udi, a renowned town in Enugu State, Nigeria, on August 12, 1989. As of 2020, Destiny is 32 years old.


She was born and raised; in Udi, the second child of a family of five children, three men and two females.

She received; her nursery and basic education at Zik Avenue Primary School in Enugu State during her early years. She completed her secondary studies at Queens School and received the required credentials.  

Her tertiary education was completed; in Awka, Anambra State. Destiny Etiko graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts in 2012. Before embarking on a career in acting, the gifted actress completed her studies in Nigeria.

Destiny Etiko noted that her mother, who is following in her footsteps, inspired her to perform. Prior to her refusal of media attention, Destiny Etiko’s mother’s name was unknown at the time of this publishing. We can’t say for sure if Destiny Etiko’s mother was an actor, but she claimed in an interview that she doesn’t want to make the same mistake as her mother, which was leaving performing to raise a family.


Her mother fully supports her, but her father, Mr. John Anonde Etiko, is not pleased with her choice. He was worried that his; daughter wouldn’t be able to balance acting and establishing a family because Destiny puts her her career ahead of her family. Destiny’s father passed away on May 15, 2020.

Biography Of Destiny Etiko; Career

  biography of destiny etiko  

Destiny Etiko is a Nigerian actress who gained fame for her role in the popular film “Idemili.” Her voluptuous figure and acting abilities are a plus.

In 2011, she entered the Nigerian film business, known as Nollywood, by joining with the “Actors Guild of Nigeria.”


She had minor roles in various Nollywood films during her professional acting career before winning the major role in the film “Idemili.”

Her performance in the film “demili” got her a nomination for the “City People Entertainment Awards” for “Best Promising Actress.” She progressed from grace to grace, landing more leading roles and establishing herself as one of Nigeria’s most popular actresses.

Ernest Obi, Cynthia Okereke, Yul Edochie, Destiny Etiko, Patience Ozokwor, Eve Essien, and even the renowned Pete Edochie have all shared the screen with Destiny Etiko.   biography of destiny etiko  

Biography Of Destiny Etiko; Movies

  • Fear of a Woman (2016)
  • 3 Days to Wed (2016)
  • The Storm (2016)
  • Evil Seekers (2017)
  • Tears of Regret (2018
  • Barren Kingdom (2019)
  • Pains of the Orphan (2019)
  • Clap of Royalty (2019)
  • The Hidden Sin (2019)
  • Family Yoke (2019)
  • King’s Word (2019)
  • Sound of Evil (2019)
  • My Private Part (2019) as Stella
  • The prince & I (2019)
  • Heart of Love (2019)
  • My sisters love (2019)
  • Power of Royalty (2019)
  • Sunset of Love (2019)
  • London Prince (2019)
  • Woman of Power (2019)
  • Poor Billionaire (2019)
  • Virgin goddess (2019)
  • Queen of love (2019)
  • The Sacred Cowry (2019)
  • The Return of Ezendiala (2019)
  • Living in Poverty (2020)
  • Hour of Victory (2020)

Biography Of Destiny Etiko; inspiration

Destiny Etiko has a deep affection for and admiration for her mother. Her mother has always been a major source of support and inspiration for her acting career.

While her father, Mr. John Anonde Etiko, was against her pursuing a profession in acting, her mother was completely supportive of her daughter’s ambition.

On the 15th of May 2020, she unfortunately lost her day.

Destiny Etiko bought a house for her mother in Enugu in 2018 in her mother’s honor. “In my own small manner my BACKBONE….I present to you this little gesture as your birthday gift for all the love you have shown my siblings and I the future will be better age gracefully Sugar,” she posted on Instagram. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Etiko’s Destiny Relationship

Destiny Etiko is currently unmarried and does not wear an engagement ring. Many people mistakenly imagined Destiny Etiko was married.

However, this is only a myth based on a character she did in the Nollywood film “My Private Part,” in which she chopped her hair prior to her husband’s death and the accusation that she killed him.

When it comes to marriage, Destiny Etiko says she wants to marry a man who understands her passion for performing.

She also went on to say that she is not willing to give up her acting career for any reason, not even marriage or a boyfriend.

Biography Of Destiny Etiko; net worth

biography of destiny etiko


She has received numerous honors, including the “Viewers’ Choice Award” and the “Golden Icon Movie Academy Award.” She bought a house for her mother in 2018 and a Toyota spider for her mother a year later. Destiny is a confident and fearless lady who is known for speaking her mind, especially on intimate matters such as s*Xual harassment. In an interview, she admitted that she had been a victim before.

She has a large social media following, with up to 1 million followers on her Instagram feed @destinyetikoofficial. Destiny Etiko has a net worth of $500,000. She is one of the wealthiest and most powerful actors in Nigerian cinema.

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Q. Who is destiny etiko boyfriend ?

A. The actress currently has no man friend.

Q. Who is destiny etiko husband ?

A. She hasn’t got married, she is still single.

Q. is destiny etiko married to zubby micheal ?

A. No, they are not married, they are only being a colleague.

Q. who is destiny etiko mother

A. We can’t say for sure if Destiny Etiko’s mother was an actor, but she claimed in an interview that she doesn’t want to make the same mistake as her mother.


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