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John Okafor Biography – ‘From A Firewood Seller To One Of Nigeria’s Most Gifted Comedian’

FULL NAME John Okafor
AGE 59 Years (2021)
D.O.B 17th October 1961
RELIGION Christianity
CAREER Nollywood Actor / Director

John Okafor Profile

john okafor biography

John Okafor (also known as Mr Ibu) was born; in the Nigerian state of Enugu on October 17th, 1961. He is a Nigerian actor, screenwriter, and comedian who is widely regarded as one of the country’s most talented comedy personalities.

John Okafor is widely regarded; as one of Nigeria’s most gifted comedians. His comedic style is frequently defined by idiocy, hilarity, imbecility, and a striking separation from his everyday existence.

John Okafor Childhood

On October 17, 1961, John Ikechukwu Okafor was born. He is from Umunekwu Village; in Eziokwe, Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State, and comes from a family of eight.

He received his primary school education at one of the village schools, his secondary school education at a number of schools in Delta State, and then went to the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) in Enugu to study Mass Communication.


He was a victim of the Civil War (1967-1971), which claimed the lives of his father and five other relatives. His grandfather, whom he describes as a “dumb” guy from whom he acquired his wacky genes, was a huge influence.

Because to his family’s poverty, Ibu had a difficult upbringing. He worked as a firewood seller, a hairdresser, and a meat butcher before becoming an actor.

John Okafor Early Years

john okafor biography

John Okafor was a member of the; Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS). He was cast in the soap operas Ogbu Anyanwu and Kwere Kira while he was there. He was also a former martial artist.


He was a 16-year Shotokan Karate practitioner who earned his black belt in 1983. Mr. Ibu is also a member of the Nigerian Karate Federation. He claims to be the first instructor to teach Karate at Nigerian federal government colleges.

John Okafor used to work as a trader. He teamed up with a few of his friends. They acquired and sold gently worn shoes, clothing, medical equipment, and other items from Niger.

John Okafor Professional Life

John Okafor debuted in the Nigerian film business in 1978, when he appeared; in a soap opera advertisement. Since then; the witty actor has been in a slew of films, including a few with Aki and Pawpaw, both of whom he enjoys working with due to their inventiveness.

He rose to prominence in 2004 as a result of one of the films in which he appeared, Mr Ibu, which earned him the nickname. Since then, he has appeared in more than 200 films, including Mr.Ibu in London (2004), Police Recruit (2003), 9 Wives (2005), Ibu in Prison (2006), and Keziah (2006). (2007).

In a 2009 interview, John Okafor described how Jim Iyke approached him with a desire to work in the sector and how he helped him. Other successful actors and actresses have gotten their start in the profession thanks to the comic, who has been credited with inspiring a number of other comedians.

His comedic performance is frequently marked by brashness, amusing ineptitude, and a complete alienation from reality. John Okafor walked nude in front of a crowd in 2012 to gain attention and collect money, which drew a lot of attention and drew a lot of criticism. In 2014, he signed an endorsement contract with Merrybet, as well as an endorsement deal with Gotv.

John Okafor Films

Below are some of the movies he featured;

  • Agony, 1998
  • Vuga, 2000
  • Police Recruit, 2003
  • Nicodemus, 2003
  • Ngozi: Abeg Marry Us, 2003
  • Naomi, 2003
  • Informant, 2003
  • Fresh Pain, 2003
  • Civil War, 2003
  • Bullet, 2003
  • Unbreakable, 2004
  • Mr Ibu in London, 2004
  • Mr Ibu, 2004
  • James & John, 2004
  • Dollars from Germany, 2004
  • The Councillor, 2005
  • Joshua, 2005
  • Common Sense, 2005
  • Circles of Live, 2005
  • 9 Wives, 2005
  • The Return of Mama-G, 2006
  • The Journalist, 2006
  • Sweet Mama, 2006
  • Store Keeper, 2006
  • Recharge Card, 2006
  • Over Heat, 2006
  • Men on the Run, 2006
  • Four Forty, 2006
  • Final Surrender, 2006
  • Dear Mama, 2006
  • Chelsea/Liverpool, 2006
  • Captain, 2006
  • Brainwash, 2006
  • Fool at 40, 2006
  • Toronto Connection, 2007
  • Keziah, 2007
  • How Far, 2007
  • Bafana Bafana, 2007
  • Basket Mouth, 2007
  • Desperate Search, 2007
  • The Tusk of Life, 2008
  • Mental Case, 2008
  • Yahoozee Prophets, 2009
  • Most Wanted Kidnappers, 2010
  • Open & Close, 2011
  • Honeymoon Guys, 2015

Personal Life of John Okafor

John Okafor announced that he was unmarried in a 2009 interview, despite the fact that he had children. Mr. Ibu’s son was kidnapped by his ex-wife, who eventually returned him when the required ransom was paid. According to media reports. Emmanuel Okafor, the kidnapped boy, died of food sickness, which he supposedly blamed on his ex-wife. Ibu married Stella Maris Okafor in 2015, and they have two children together.

Mr. Ibu’s Wife and Children

john okafor biography

As previously stated, Mr. Ibu has not had the simplest of upbringings. Six members of his family were poisoned in the early days of his life. Mr. Ibu divorced his first wife and married his current wife, Stella Marris, in 2015.

He and Stella Maris had three children, however their first son, Emmanuel Okafor, died in the most tragic of circumstances. Awards for John Okafor He was named Best Movie Actor of the Year by the Nigerian Peace Ambassadors in 2014. In 2015, the governor of Enugu State awarded him the title of “best comic.” He’s also received nominations for Best Comedy Drama, African Magic Viewer Choice Award, and other international honors.

John Okafor net worth

Okafor is worth $4.2 million, according to nollylibrary. He is one of Nigeria’s most well-known actors. In 2014, he was also endorsed by Merrybet and Gotv.

John Okafor Quotes

john okafor biography

“Your talent will always bring you out.”
“When everything is well planned and put in place, you will feel at ease.”
“If you marry another man’s wife, you are finished..”
“When you talk about romance, the average man thinks of making love to a woman, but it is not so..”.
“If you are romantic, it constitutes everything that transpires between you and a woman, whether she is your girlfriend or not.”
“Whatever you are doing, anything you want to do, focus on it, don’t deviate.”
“If you hate, your own business will not grow. If you love yourself and love your neighbour your business will grow.”
“Your friend is doing something and you like what he or she is doing but it is not in you, don’t push yourself into doing it because the result may not be satisfactory.”
“If you don’t have passion for a particular career, do not venture into it.”
“If you do a job and your fans out there are criticising you, it is not a pass mark.”  

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Q. What is Okafor Net worth?

A. His net worth is estimated to be about $4.450 million dollars.

Q. Who is John Okafor wife?

A. Her name is Stella Maris Okafor.

Q. How Old is John Okafor Now?

A. He is currently aged 59 years old.

Q. When was Okafor born?

A. He was born on 17 October 1961

Q. Is mr ibu still alive?

A. Oh yes, he is hale and healthily


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