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Nkem Owoh Biography, From Fraud Allegations To Becoming A Veteran Actor

Nkem Owoh Profile

  biography of nkem owoh  

AGE 63 years old
D.OB 7 February 1958
RELIGION Christianity
CAREER Filmography, actor

It’s nearly impossible to discuss the most well-known Nollywood actors without mentioning Nkem Owoh’s name. He is one of Nollywood’s most popular and successful actor. The life story of Nkem Owoh is captivating.

He is known; for his fluid comedic demeanour, which makes Nigerian cinema lovers; laugh out loud. When Nkem Owoh was cast in a significant role in the film “Osuofia in London”, he became a household name. He’s also known for his parts in;

  • The Barrister
  • Stronger Than Pain
  • Indemnity
  • Onye-Eze
  • A Fool at 40
  • Mr Trouble
  • Spanner

Nkem is also a singer; who is best known for his song titled; “I Go Chop Your Dollar”, which is about advance fee fraud.

 Nkem Owoh’s early years

Nkem Owoh was born in; Amagu Village, Udi Town, Enugu State, Nigeria, on February 7, 1958. Is there a brother for Nkem Owoh? Bartholomew Owoh, his younger brother, was his only sibling. Unfortunately, he lost his younger brother, who was slain in public for a crime involving cocaine trafficking.


Nkem Owoh went to which schools? In Nsukka, Enugu State, he completed his; elementary and secondary education. He enrolled; in the University of Illorin to study Electrical Engineering after completing his post-primary schooling.

Nkem Owoh’s Acting career

  biography of nkem owoh  

Nkem began his; acting career while still a student at the university. He began landing multiple roles in TV series and film ventures at that time. Things Fall Apart, a movie version; of Chinua Achebe’s novel, was his first major role, The series featured a total of 50 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes, and was broadcast on the Nigerian Television Authority. In 1995, he was cast opposite Patience Ozokwor and Sam Loco Efe in the films Ukwa 1 and Ukwa 2.

His major break in the industry came when he was cast as the lead in the 2003 film Osuofia in London, which gained; critical acclaim all over the world. He became a household name not only in Nigeria; but throughout Africa as a result of the film.


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Nollywood Actor Nkem Owoh’s Awards and nominations

  biography of nkem owoh  

Owoh’s perseverance and hard work; have paid off, as he has been nominated for several accolades. For his work in the film Stronger than Pain, he won the Best Actor award at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2008. Nkem was awarded; the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007(LTAA).

This is the highest award bestowed upon the lanky actor and screenwriter. The award was given; in honour of his contributions to the growth of Nigeria’s film industry.

Nkem Owoh’s Net worth

Nkem Owoh; has had a long and successful career in Nollywood, spanning over three decades. As a result; it’s no surprise that he’s one of Nigeria’s wealthiest actors. Throughout his acting career; he has earned a substantial fortune.

His current net worth is believed; to be; $3.9 million. His principal source of income is; acting. Because he has endorsement deals, businesses, and is still engaged in the field, his net worth continues to rise.

Nollywood Actor Nkem Owoh’s Family

  biography of nkem owoh  

Nkem has a happy marriage. Ngozi Nkem Owoh is his wife’s name. They married; in 1998 and have been living together ever since. His wife prefers to keep her life private, and nothing is known about her.

They are the proud parents of two girls. Because their father; has kept them away from the media and prefers them to live a normal life, there isn’t much information on the Nkem Owoh children.

He astonished; his supporters when he showed up at the ceremony with his two daughters to renew his endorsement arrangement with MTN.

Nkem Owoh’s Controversies

  biography of nkem owoh  

Nkem Owoh and Kanayo O. Kanayo collaborated on a film called The Master not long after they finished working on Osuofia in London 2. Owoh played; a con artist who engaged; in Advance Fee Fraud, sometimes known as; 419, in the film.

The actor also had; a song in the film. I Go Chop Your Dollar is the title of the song, which praises 419 and is in keeping with the film’s subject. Even though the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had; no evidence against him at the time, the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) barred the song; from being broadcast on Nigerian radio stations.

They were said to have denounced; the song for encouraging more people to commit fraud. Nkem Owoh was at odds with authorities; once more in 2007. He was apprehended; this time in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The arrest came after a seven-month investigation; into lottery fraud and immigration breaches, according to Dutch police. The actor was released not long after, and no further information regarding; the case was disclosed.

Nkem Owoh’s Musical Career

The iconic actor dabbled in music and created; several noteworthy tunes. While; I Go Chop Your Dollar is Nkem Owoh’s most well-known song, it is far from the only one he has released.

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Q. Where did Nkem Owoh come from?

A. He is from Udi town, Enugu state, Nigeria.

Q. How old is Nkem Owoh?

A. He is aged 63 Years old.

Q. What is the profession of Nkem Owoh?

A. He is an Nollywood Actor, a musician and a Comedian.

Q. Is chinwe Owoh Nkem Owohs wife?

A. They are just inlaws, they are not married.

Q. Is Nkem Owoh still alive

A. Yes, he is alive, living healthy.

Q. What is the name of nkem Owoh wife?

A. Ngozi Nkem Owoh

Q. How many children does Nkem Owoh Has?

A. He has two beautiful daughters.


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