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Angel BBnaija Biography, Net Worth, Cars And House 2021

Angel BBnaija: The first youngest female to enroll in the big brother naija reality show “Angel Agnes Smith”, Since the youngstar introduced her self on the Big brother reality show, she had gain a lot of prominence, which makes the young female trends on social media.  

Angel BBNaija
Angel Agnes Smith

  She got popular quickly, after she joined the Big brother naija reality show.

FULL NAME Angel Agnes Smith
AGE 21 Years old
D.O.B Not specified
RELIGION Christianity
CAREER Poet/Writer

Angel BBnaija Biography


Angel BBNaija
Angel Agnes Smith

  The big brother naija reality show housemate ‘Angel’ was born in the year 2000, in London, with her date of birth not yet revealed, Angel spent most of her life in Lagos, Nigeria, where she grew up. She is from Akwa Ibom state. she is commonly known as ‘Angel’ meanwhile her real name is Angel Agnes Smith.

Her Education

Angel BBNaija has a little-minimal educational experience, due to the pressure she faced from her parents and her school, drastically has a huge impact on her educational experience, to cut the long story short, She wasn’t able to finalize her tertiary education.


She acquired her secondary education at Marywood Girls College, Lagos. while proceeding to her university level, she studied at the University of Lagos (Unilag), According to her, she was a student their for only two weeks, during this short period, she didn’t attend any lectures, due to the pressure of the school, Angel dropped out without the consent of her parents.

Angel also attempted giving education another shot in her life, at a British foundation college, she enroll to study mass communication, but later dropped out.

Her Career


Angel BBNaija

  Angel BBNaija is a passionate writer and a poet, she started writing at the early age of 14, her writing skills to upgraded by involving herself in lot of freelance writing jobs. she wrote few personal books, which she took to her Instagram page that generates a lots of encouragements for her.


Life and Depression

Angel BBNaija has struggled with depression alongside her life, she has suffered from depression since her early teenage days, this depression of hers was due to the pressure she faced from her parents and her school while growing.

According to her, she discloses that; she had been into the shackles of depression since age 14, and also reveals how she attempted committing suicide.

Her Reason For Coming Into The Bbnaija House.


Angel BBNaija

  One of the main reason why Angel BBNaija enrolled herself in the reality show, is for her to take her writing talent to the next level, She also dreams of becoming a movie producer, and scriptwriter. she believes her dreams would be achieved if she emerged as winner of the 90M grand prize.

Angel BBnaija Relationship Status

According to her, she was in a relationship, before coming to the Big brother naija reality show, Angel BBNaija reveals that the relationship, came down to a tragic end in 2019, after losing her boyfriend.

However, she made it clear that she is “single and ready to mingle”, also added, she isn’t ready for any relationship, until she fully recovers from the loss of her boyfriend.

Angel BBnaija Net Worth

Angel BBNaija, was raised with a silver spoon, but however her net-worth is yet to be known, as she hasn’t revealed anything about it, Presently she competing for the 90 million grand prize of the Big Brother Naija reality show.

Angel BBnaija House


Angel BBNaija, stays in Lagos, as she hasn’t revealed if she had any personal house.

Her Cars

There has been sparkling rumors about her, having a personal car, but the brand is yet to be known.

Angel BBnaija Social Media

Angel BBnaija has an instagram handle with approximately 365k+ followers, Her handle is @theangeljbsmith   What’s your thoughts on this ? Don’t forget to share, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel



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