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How To Prevent Your Facebook From Being Hacked

Nowadays, People account get hijacked, Due to the persistent losage of one’s facebook account,

In this article, I willl show you guys steps on how to secure your account from hackers.

  • Firstly, Don’t ever log in your account on a cyber cafe browser, without using incognito tab. The reason is that; using normal tab, and there is power outage, automatically, your data would be save on the computer, another person who would use it, would get access to your account.
  • Secondly, you might forget to use the incognito tab, but just remember to log out, not only this, you need to also remove your account from saved log in info, as hackers can easily penetrate your account from there.
  • While, letting your friend operate your phone, you should have applications like; app lock, message locker e.t.c, just to ensure you friends don’t reset your password.
  • Diving through your feeds, you might come across spaming posts (link) asking you to click then log in with your facebook account, clicking the link will cause no harm, but logging in (by inputting your facebook details) will cause the actual harm.
  • Lastly, activate two factor verification on your account.



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